A day of prayer of the Fraternity Mazenodienne

On Sunday May 5th, 2018, The Frat’s (University Students who lodge in the Oblate Community of Aix) garhered for a day of prayer. The day was for prayer as well as for the evaluation of our fraternity along this year. This moment was deeply appreciated.

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Mario shares here his experience og that day: “The Frat’s has lived a day of recollection and a day of evaluating our objectives of living in the fraternity, set at the beginning of the year. It was accompanied by the Word of God in the biblical text of the Burning Bush. We had truly an encounter with God who remains faithful to us in any situation of each of us. We, then, should remain faithful to him too, despite the reality that our life is like a combat. Thanks to all for this wonderful day and I wish you a good continuation on walking in the path of faith »


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