The De Mazenod Experience and My Encounter with Jesus

At the beginning, this De Mazenod Experience (DMX) was not my priority. I came to this DMX because I wanted to know the spirituality of St. Eugene, but without any excitement. What made me so exited most was my plan to walk the Camino de Santiago, prior to the DMX. After the Camino, then I would joint the DMX.

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But now I could say that this DMX is the best gift from God that I can not be grateful enough. I received many blessings from this Experience. All my questions, mostly spiritual questions were answered. I know much better who St. Eugene is, and this is more important, I fall in love with him again. His spiritual life became an inspiration for me to live out my own. Knowing and loving him help me to see clearly my identity as an Oblate. I know where I am going. It guves me a meaningful life. I feel so grateful to the call of my Oblate life. As an Oblate I am connected to such a great history of St. Eugene and of the Oblate Family. Those are the graces that I never imagined before.

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This DMX also give me an experience of encountering Jesus in a very intimate way. He loves me beyond my sinfullness. He calls me to live in an united live with Him. He always look for me to forgive my sins so that I can live in Him and He lives in me. He never leaves me. He shows me the way to live my life according to His will. He makes me understand how to love Him and live my life happilly.

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Now I live my life full of gratitude, love and joy. I will live my life as an Oblate faithfuly. I will follow the Constitutions and Rules without any excuses. I will give all my life to Jesus through prayers, reflection, study and mission. I will give my whole life for the sake of the Church’s mission, through the Congregation with the heart full of gratitude. I will invite my brothers Oblate to live as an Oblate in accordance to the dream of St. Eugene. I also want to be the witness of St Eugene ‘s charism to many people by choosing the most powerless, simple and less publication acts. I will leave nothing undared.

In Jedus’ and Mary’s name

Antonius Radjabana OMI

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