The Evaluation on the De Mazenod Experience

Frs. Paolo ARCHIATI, Cornelius NGOKA and Antoni BOCHM, from the General Administration, came to Aix to make an evaluation on the program of the De Mazenod Experience (DMX) with the whole community of Aix. One of the questions came up during the evaluation was the follow-up of the participants after their return to the mission. For the community of Aix it was also the time of review of what the animators lived in the animation and the accompaniment of the participants.

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The DMX is a two-month renewal program that aims to give participants a time to re-read their experience of the Oblate Charism in their daily missionary life. The experience takes place in an atmosphere of prayer, reflection and fraternal sharing. In this program, the highlight is two weeks of silent retreat according to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius which usually takes place in a monastery.

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So far, there are 730 Oblates who have participated in 52 Experiences organized in Aix.The DMX are usually given in English, French or Spanish. However there were also DMX given in other languages: once in German, and twice in Polish.

For this year, the upcoming DMX in English will start on April 24 and another one in Spanish on September 15.


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