Vow Preperation Session

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Twenty two young Oblates arrived for the August 5th session, originating from 14 countries. One could say, the whole world is represented in Aix! At about 6 pm the last group of 9 young oblates arrived from the International Scholasticate in Rome with two others from the Vermicino Scholasticate. The first group of 8 scholastics from Poland arrived at noon, followed by one scholastic from China, one from Germany and another from Canada. All but two are in graduate theology studies (moral theology and canon law), approaching the end of their theological preperation of fist fromation. Each large group of scholastics are accompanied by a formator also reflecting the international dymension of our congregation: Frs. Edward DAGAVOUNANSOU (Cameroon), Gennaro ROSATO (Italy), Sébastien BUNING (Germany) and Piotr PIASECKI (Poland).

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Despite the fatigue of the road, these young Oblate scholastics arrived filled with enthusiasm, energy and joy. They arrived to prepare for perpetual oblation by drinking from the fountain of the charism of the founder. In the words of St. Eugene, they came to set their lukewarm hearts on fire. They came to the place it all began to be animated by the same spirit, which calls us to bring Jesus to the ends of the earth.

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Filled with the joyful awareness of being at the source of our oblate charism, which is Aix, their excitement is conteguasly present. Another exciting dimension of this extraordinary meeting is the intercultural and international scope of the group, for some experienced for the very first time. This meeting is a remarkable opportunity for us to experience and be enriched by the intercultural richness of our oblate family. This may perhaps be the last meeting for some as scholastics, therefore each one young oblate in his own way is contributing to creating fraternity, conviviality among the one another.

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Jean-Dieulhomme DUVERSEAU, OMI

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