An experience in the holy land of Oblates

From 6 to 24 August, 23 young Oblates from four formation houses and 12 different nations came to Aix-en-Provence to re-live the experience of our Saint Eugene de Mazenod, Founder of the Oblates.


Arrived at the place at 8:00 pm the first impressions of the court Mirabeau, shows that the experience we are going to make is promising. In an intercultural atmosphere, we are called from the first day to discover our encounter with Christ through the life story of our Founder and also to identify the difficulties facing our religious family. Everything continues with a direct contact with our history through pilgrimages in the footsteps of St. Eugene and also the sharing of our vocational experiences for further understanding and relationship between us. Then, the planned summer festival organized by young lay people associated with the Oblates added a personal touch to our experience; festival that allowed us to meet these young people, to live with them while testifying our oblation and sharing our experiences. As a result, this festival was an application of everything we learned during the first days. This allowed us to live the ideal of the founder who gave body and soul to young people. The conviviality, the mutual help, the sense of the service and the charity were indeed an encounter. There were no longer language or cultural barriers we were one heart and one soul. As a result, our multicultural has quickly become intercultural. All this has once again aroused our desire to commit ourselves to living the Oblate vocation as a call to apostolic and missionary life.


Since it is said that every being is an absolute, that no experience is transmissible and that the world is to be constantly recreated, come and experience the secret of Oblate life yourself. The doors of the house of Aix are wide open to welcome you. So come and you will see!


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