The Image of the Invisible in the Chapel of the Oblates

“The world needs beauty in order not to sink into despair” – said Pope Paul VI in his message to the artists. From 23 – 30 March nearly a hundred people a day visited the exposition of icons, by Aimée BRASSENS, in the Chapel of the Oblates in Aix-en-Provence.

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Aimée BRASSENS has been writing icons since the age of 15 while at the convent of the Benedictines of Saint Maur. Later, she took further formation in theology and technique of writing icons for several years with Fr. Egon SENDLER, a master of iconography who has had numerous exhibits. In 2011, Aimée received a Medal of the City of Marseille, in appreciation for her works. “I am not an artist”, says Aimée BRASSENS, “I only know how to write icons. I am not the one who chose this, it came from on high. I have been doing it for a number of years, I spend at least four hours a day writing icons.”

Seeing the beauty of the exposed icons many visitors were emotionally moved. The guest book of the exposition attests how the visitors felt, “Moving icons written with love” … “May they help people to deepen their faith … and mine” – writes Jeanne Marie.


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