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During the year 2014, two De Mazenod Experience sessions and nine other different sessions or retreats for Oblates were held in our house in Aix. In the same period, the house hosted several hundred people attending various spiritual, cultural or other activities. Among the visitors of this year, the young pilgrims from Hong Kong will probably take the place of honour.

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A group of 38 pupils, from the schools run by the Oblates in Hong Kong, came to Aix to learn more about St. Eugene de Mazenod their patron saint. The youngest of this group was eight years old. Eleven parents accompanied them, and they were all under the outstanding leadership of Mrs. Monica LAI, an Oblate associate in Hong Kong, responsible for the management of schools.

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To discover the birthplace of the Congregation of the Missionary Oblates and Marseille, these pupils had to make a journey of a several thousand kilometres. The most important moment of their trip was the Mass at the tomb of Saint Eugene de Mazenod celebrated by Fr. Ronnie YAP GICALAO, a Filipino Oblate missionary in Hong Kong. Before the Eucharistic celebration the pupils performed, at « the Major » Marseille Cathedral, a beautiful Chinese song dedicated to St. Eugene.

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The prayers of the little ones are always beautiful and pleasant as fragrance! May St. Eugene intercede for the Oblates of Hong Kong and for those to whom they announce the Good News.


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